Jordan Weisman likes us!

March 12, 2019


Quick note on Volition CCG: we just announced that Jordan Weisman has joined our board of directors. Seriously, we are totally chuffed to have him. If you don't know who he is, you can check out his Wikipedia page. He's designed so many wonderful games like MechWarrior, Shadowrun, Crimson Skies and, most recently, the super-successful TBS BattleTech.

We've been sitting on this news for a while waiting for all the Ts to be crossed and lowercase Js to be dotted, and it feels good to be able to announce the news. We're pleased as Punch here at Cryptogogue HQ.

Reminder:We're still looking for more playtesters, so send Ken an email, and he'll get you sorted. Once you sign up, you'll also have access to the playtesters section of the forums.

Volition Gameplay Testing Update 1: Hero Attack and Trap Changes

December 14, 2018


Reminder: If you wanna help playtest the game, email Ken, and he'll hook you up. Once you sign up, you'll also have access to the playtesters section of the forums.

While our dev team is building the tech behind Volition, the gameplay design team is hard at work tinkering and tweaking the game's rules to make it a streamlined, awesome experience for card gaming enthusiasts.

That's why Lead Designer Ken Pilcher gathered some local gamers last week and put Volition to the test. The group had a great time playing round after round, and during the session, a few areas of improvement were identified.

For starters, we discovered that many players felt there were too few actions when they wanted to attack. Generally, players wanted to Draw, Deploy an Asset, and Deploy something to help set up their attack, but then had no remaining actions to attack. So, we decided to let players deplete their Hero for a "free" attack and if a player wants additional attacks, they can still pay an action. This change really helped the playtest games move smoothly and the players really enjoyed it. This new ability has been added to all current Hero cards.

Another point of confusion for first-time players were Traps. It was sometimes hard for players to quickly identify a Trap vs. an Event. Upon reflection, we have decided to change Traps from an Event card with the “Trap” super type to its own> card type. Traps will be much more clear and cause less confusion as their own card type. This also means we can easily and clearly add keywords that allow Dudes, Events, Items and Assets to be flipped up as traps. Tricky, tricky!

In our next gameplay test, we will explore different variations and rules for multiplayer games. Volition is designed for 1v1, but we also have multiplayer in mind. The game can handle as many players as you and your playgroup can handle—ideally 3-5 players, otherwise time between turns may get long. So, we will continue to test, tinker, and tweak until we hit the sweet spot for gaming groups, small and large.

We look forward to doing more public playtest sessions soon and are always looking for more testers to help build their local playtest groups. If you’re interested, please drop us a line on the forums or gather your friends to set up your own session!

Volition CCG gets a blog

November 27, 2018


I know what everyone is thinking: I've been waiting ages for you to provide regular updates about Volition. What's taken so long?

To be honest, we—the royal we, that is—didn't think there'd be such a clamour for news about our little game. And, sure, most of the clamouring has been us banging on the blockchain pipes for Volition, but nonetheless. We came here to give the people what they want. Tidbits of info about a little-known blockchain card game. Yeah! That's what everyone wants—nay—needs.

I know what else your thinking: Hey, waydaminnit, this looks just like the Newsroom but with a dopey red "blog" stamped on the logo.

To that, I say, QUIET, YOU!

What have we been doing, though? Well, we've been doing all the things busy businessfolks do, like expanding our advisory board with people smarter than ourselves. We're hard at work building the blockchain protocol and tools for mining booster packs and keeping track of your cards. It's got to the point that we're looking for dev collaborators if anyone is interested.

We've also been busy live playtesting the game. For all those who want to help playtest at home, singup info is here.

Lastly, we've got some pretty cool news for us to tease: we've wrangled a gaming luminary to help us out. That's all I'll say about that for now, but you'll be hearing more from us soon!