Volition CCG gets a blog

November 27, 2018


I know what everyone is thinking: I've been waiting ages for you to provide regular updates about Volition. What's taken so long?

To be honest, we—the royal we, that is—didn't think there'd be such a clamour for news about our little game. And, sure, most of the clamouring has been us banging on the blockchain pipes for Volition, but nonetheless. We came here to give the people what they want. Tidbits of info about a little-known blockchain card game. Yeah! That's what everyone wants—nay—needs.

I know what else your thinking: Hey, waydaminnit, this looks just like the Newsroom but with a dopey red "blog" stamped on the logo.

To that, I say, QUIET, YOU!

What have we been doing, though? Well, we've been doing all the things busy businessfolks do, like expanding our advisory board with people smarter than ourselves. We're hard at work building the blockchain protocol and tools for mining booster packs and keeping track of your cards. It's got to the point that we're looking for dev collaborators if anyone is interested.

We've also been busy live playtesting the game. For all those who want to help playtest at home, singup info is here.

Lastly, we've got some pretty cool news for us to tease: we've wrangled a gaming luminary to help us out. That's all I'll say about that for now, but you'll be hearing more from us soon!